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Ever wanted to have the latest version of any software (even open source) on Linux? YouDontNeedThat™.

So have decided The AptGods™, for your own good mind you: unlike Windows and OS X users who have in the worst case to click on “next, next, agree”, you will have to resort to UseEsotericWorkarounds™ if you really have to get the latest version of whatever piece of software is released for Linux. You will especially enjoy ConfigureMakeMakeInstall™ . Remember that CliMakesYouAllSmartAndStuff™ and that LinuxTeachesYouComputerScience™ , so that’s really good for you.

Your other option to get the latest version of your software is to upgrade your whole OS. Be Ready for the BiannualForcedDeathMarch™. And that’s assuming that the Power That Be are kind enough to include the latest version in the next release… Otherwise get ready to UseDistroX™ but always remember that LinuxIsPerfect™

#1 Posted by BinarySpill on Dec 3, 2009 4:09 PM

'Otherwise get ready to UseDistroX’
died laughing

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