New Store Events

Dear Customers,

August is coming up next week, don’t forget your August coupons!  Click here to print yours!

We wanted to clarify our class policy:
Our classes are scheduled months in advance and posted online with photos. Our policy has been that you must cancel 7 days prior to the class in order to receive a refund. This still stands but we would also like to be sure you know that if you are interested in a class, you should sign up 7 days prior. Our class minimum is 3 students.  If there are not three students one week prior to the class, the class will be cancelled. This is to help students who wish to buy supplies – there is nothing worse than buying your items and then having the class cancelled. From the teacher’s standpoint, it is very difficult to prepare when no one signs up until the day before!

So, in order to get the most out of classes and to be sure a variety of classes will continue to be offered, please sign up as soon as possible. If there are three students, and one cancels at the last minute, the class will still be given.  If we cancel a class, you will receive a refund.

Be sure to look over our calendar for upcoming classes and events:

Little Gems meeting: customers who own Janome Gems are invited to join the “Little Gems” group. They will meet the second Saturday of the month from 1-4pm. The first meeting is August 14th.

Dian Lamb will be teaching three wonderful classes this fall: Redhat Project, RedRock Landscape Project and Pet Photo Project. Come in and meet Dian on August 14 from 1-3. She will be discussing each of these three classes.

Books on Tape: On August 2nd, will be listening to Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg, author of Fried Green Tomatoes. Bring handwork and join us – call the shop if you will be attending from 6-9pm.

November brings our fun Desert Quilt Shop hop which will take place Nov. 11, 12, 13.

And on Sunday, November 14, we are thrilled to host the return of the Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller. She and her husband, John, will give a special Sunday afternoon concert featuring her new CD. The time will be announced – it will probably be early afternoon. We’ll keep you posted.

For those of you considering pre-fringed quilt kits: my new daughter-in-law, who has never used a sewing machine before, put together a lap sized quilt in 6 hours. Remember, it was completely pieced, quilted and fringed in that time. She was thrilled!  Now she wants to quilt!

Stay cool, come and visit,

Nancy and Staff