How to Make a Patchwork Quilt for a Baby

baby quilt project

It’s both nice and fun to make a patchwork quilt for a baby as it gives you the chance to use all the cute bits and pieces left over from your previous sewing projects. You may use all sorts of fabric, which is great as you find use for the scraps, but also end up with a pretty amazing quilt for your baby or your friend’s baby.

You only need some various fabrics for this project that combine nicely when it comes to patterns and colors.  A heavier fabric (fleece, faux minky fabric) would give you a luxurious blankie and you may definitely use the fabric for both the backing and for the quilted side. A heavier fabric is nicer as it gives a soft feeling and some texture to your baby quilt.

What you need

You may choose a different fabric for the backing of your quilt. A full yard may be enough for the backing of your quilt.

Get some fat quarters or ½ yards for the opposite side of your quilt. You may also use the scraps. You need to cut them into squares or strips to obtain the patchwork quilt.

Making a baby quilt with fabric strips

If you already got a fabric or have large pieces of fabric around the house, it’s better to work with fabric strips.

This may be the easiest and the most popular method to make a baby quilt.

You only need to cut long strips of fabric of same width. You may go with 5” long strips. You’re going to sew the strips together the long way, obtaining a striped quilt piece. You may cut the blanket into 5” strips all over on and on, using a yard stick or a quilting ruler, in the opposite direction. This way you get a long strip of fabric squares sewed together.

You’re getting to the end of it as you sew the strips back together, resulting into a nice, cute little baby quilt.

How about making a fabric stash quilt

You can either use some fabric stash leftovers from previous projects or get a specific fabric for the baby built. Either way, you may choose various methods to do it.first step

It’s very likely that you will have to use smaller bits and pieces of fabric on your baby quilt if you use some leftovers from a previous project. You start with cutting the fabric into small square blocks with the same size.

You have to make a square block to use as a baby quilt patter. You simply cut out a square shape from heavy paper or cardboard. The square may be the size you want. You may always print and use a quilt block, skipping a step.

Don’t think big when it comes to baby quilt. After all, the baby isn’t that big after all.

Cut all the corresponding fabrics into squares with the help of the baby quilt block “pattern”. Sew the squares together, end on end, to obtain your baby quilt.

sewing squares together

Make an idea about how wide you want your quilt to be and count how many square give you the width you want. If you go for a quilt four squares wide and five squares long, you sew the four-squared end on end for a strip. The fabrics should definitely alternate for nicer appearance. You continue by sewing the second strip, still alternating the fabrics and holding the both strips together. Avoid as much as you can to have two identical fabrics touching.

Hold the strips so that the tops are facing, pin them and sew the strips together the long way. Sew the squares together, end to end, to obtain another strip, until you get the size you want for your quilt. It’s important that all the stitching have the same seam allowance.

sewing squares together to form quilt

Ending your baby quilt project

When you sew together quilt squares, some finishing detailing wouldn’t hurt. You may sew across the quilt some nice, matching ruffled ribbon trims. You cover the seams where the squares meet like this. You may also add some pretty bows (hand sewed), right where all the fabrics meet.

Don’t be afraid to add some minky fabric on the back of the quilt to add some bulk. Cut the minky fabric as big as your quilt is, with the right sides facing inward, pinning it along with the quilt in place.  Sew the blankets together, going ¼” in from the edge. Leave an inch for turning when sewing the four edges of the baby quilt. You get closer to the end after turning the fabric inside out and hand stitching the opening shut.

Any quilt looks better when you pay attention to all details. It’s important to iron and smooth the stitching on your baby quilt, especially its edges. Use a zigzag stitch at ½” from the edge, making a nice border all the way around your baby quilt. As for the thread, a bright one that matches the quilt may be the final touch that your baby quilt needs.