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While this is not actually FUD, I figured it’s worth noting that mainstream tech press outlets are starting to realize that an OS has jumped the shark when cities and countries start trying to fork it.

What’s funny is most Linux advocates see this as a win. For some reason, they believe it will yield a superior OS even after Munich failed with Limux

Think they’ll contribute to upstream? Doubtful.

Think they’ll accept public contributions? Doubtful.

Worse still, nationalizing an operating system is going to make it a prime target for hackers; especially those from their own country.

#1 Posted by DrLoser on Nov 20, 2010 7:49 AM

Worth it if only for the link to Limuxwatch. What do you mean, “failed?” Every year, they’re succeeding!

Personally I just assume that the FudTracker represents Linux trends; preferably with FUD, but I don’t see why other forms of LY idiocy should be denied their place in the sun.

#2 Posted by kurkosdr on Nov 20, 2010 3:48 PM

sigh If they are going to waste people’s tax money, at least they could waste them on an OS that’s worth it, like FreeBSD.

I really can’t see the “elegance” and “superior design” that the freetards claim linux has. The kernel is loaded with all kinds of drivers for devices that should be better served by an external driver, the API is a mess, and don’t get me started on sound and graphics.

Did the folks that initiate this projects take a moment to look at the mess they are getting into? If they did, they are probably the same people who thought the RBMK type nuclear reactor is an elegant and superior design too.

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